The Studio

The Brazilian Dance Studio is about connecting people in the heart of Europe with a variety of worldwide popular dance styles such as Zouk, Samba, Forró, Tango, Bachata, Kizomba and more. Here you will find an amazing group of teachers and dance partners who enjoy dancing to different rhythms and beats, rocking their body and getting the most of sensuality and happiness. Oh, you don’t know yet what we are talking about? We understand that. There are some feelings only dancing people are aware of. Make yourself at home on your own dancing language, embedded in a multicultural school and enjoy our Brazilian party in Prague!

The Woman Dancing Styling

The Brazilian Dance Studio specializes in woman dancing styling. We work to activate the most of woman-power in terms of seduction, creativity and subtle leading. First of all, forgive or forget all bad ideas on the seduction power. We don’t trust on passive players when it comes to dancing. Take your time to brief and enjoy full control on your dancing satisfaction. Girls, our role is pure creativity. Let’s utilize some natural secrets of the woman body language to create the atmosphere we desire: it can be romantic or seductive; we may blush or make our man blush; impose passion or respect. Have the feeling you desire while dancing. We will create all together precise movements, step by step, to achieve the next level of dancing fully connected with your partner.

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The Man Styling

Argentinians are the Brazilians’ “hermanos” (brothers) AND mythological opponents. If it doesn’t make sense for you to read this right now, doesn’t mater. Keep moving and never NEVER misplace our capital cities!

A Tango newspaper once published a very useful truth: women recognize the male dancer that no other woman could easily deny a dance. They can feel exactly what they wish to have. That is what the Brazilian Dance Studio man is always building up: their flair to be the best dancing partner for any possible female feelings. The Brazilian Dance Studio man knows in depth what other people take as the an obvious thing when it comes to couple dances: no one is dancing alone. Guys, we are able to provide freedom and strength for both bodies (male, female). Let’s read properly the feelings going around, step after step, improving a perfect notion of rhythms and body conduction, engaging on the dance seduction and communicating while leading.

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Okay. You already know the philosophy. Now forget everything because life is much better. Come to the best place to enjoy dance, it doesn’t matter what is your age, your sex or anything really! Let’s be part of the Brazilian Dance Studio!

Pedro Ignacio Gur

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