Regular Classes

Every week we have 20 classes (one hour each) to master you in nine worldwide dancing styles, no matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced dancer. Take a look in our schedule and chose the best option for you.

The course is composed of 8 classes. Duration of each class: 1h00

1 Month: 1000 Kč

1 Course: 1,500 Kč (2 months)
2 Courses: 2,900 Kč
3 Courses: 4,200 Kč
4 Courses: 5,400 Kč

1 class: 200 Kč

**Please note that the prices for the classes below are different, according to the teacher information:

*Willian Teixeira: Zouk Beginner Wednesday (

*Teca: Kizomba Thursday

You also can rent the space for your own event. The price start with 450 Kč the hour. Send us a e-mail for  sales, we give discount after 3 hours.