The School

We are a team of regular teachers that can provide as much diversity in style as Brazil has to offer. At the Brazilian Dance Studio we also receive teachers from all continents and nationalities allowing students to establish new connections and learn new steps together. Dance knowledge is shared taking into consideration different needs and levels. We work as a team as we advance and consolidate our technique on each class. Come to one of our regular classes or schedule a private lesson. Welcome to our multicultural dance factory. Click here for regular classes or click here for private lessons.

Andre Negrão – Studio Leader


The Michael Jackson song beats that “It don’t matter if you’re black or white”. In fact doesn’t matter age, style, color or nationality, take all for you and dance. This is my message for the Brazilian Dance Studio, not only a school but a workshop for teachers and students. I am a dancer since 14 years old, who became a choreographer after graduating actor by “Escola ETA de Artes Cênicas”. Due to my easiness and highlight in Ballroom Dance, at 20 years old I was invited to give dancing classes, starting my dancing teacher career. In 1997, I opened my first Dancing Studio, in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. Today I am part owner of “Espaço Gafieira Ltd”. Besides teaching dance classes I also work with my Dancing Company in many projects such as events for Petrobras, Record TV Network, Globo TV Network and Congresses, Workshops, Presentations and Shows in general.

 The teacher community